StepChange Consulting was founded at the beginning of 2006 by experienced professionals with a strong track record in the industry. Despite the brevity of its history, StepChange Consulting has been able to put its footprint in the market and is working for some of the most respected names in the industry.

Our credentials range from forestry, via pulp and paper production, to converting and merchanting.

The following StepChange Consulting references represent an excerpt of our consulting experience and are available upon request:

Rapid Performance Improvement and Turnaround Management

Results: annual bottom & top-line improvements of 3-8%

Working Capital Management

Results: initiatives achieved 20-30% in working capital reduction

Supply Chain Strategy & Transformation

Results: Higher Service levels at lower costs

Wood Supply

Results: longer-term partnerships between customers & suppliers while reducing total costs

Merger, Acquisition & Post Merger Integration

Results: the PMI projects have helped exceed the defined synergy targets

Revenue Retention, Margin Improvement & Growth

Results: these projects have helped clients capture 0,5%-1,5% in margin improvements and reduce the risks of bad debt and customer churn

Stakeholder Services

Results: These projects have provided solid decision support for our customers