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Restructuring & Organizational Design

Process & Organizational Redesign

Most pulp & paper companies have undergone extensive restructuring processes in a goal to streamline existing operations, concentrate on core operations and reduce headcount. Molding the organizations into a single system requires a re-alignment of processes, organizations and resources.

Most large companies are organized according to business units or market segments with view functional areas remaining on top level. Typical top level staff functions remaining are Finance, Sustainability, Communications and HR. While business unit and divisional structures are proven to deliver well on achieving a clear profit ownership they sometimes fail to achieve cross-divisional or integrational synergies.

Especially Supply Chain Management requires organizational and process integration to overcome silo thinking and improve supply and demand balances and reduce inventories especially between business units linked together in the value chain.

At the same time companies often duplicate functions across different parts of the organization or staff functions differently across geographies leaving a potential for efficiency improvements and cost reduction.

Building the right organization requires an alignment with the company vision, its goals and the performance targets. To assess organizational potential internal and external benchmarking and process analysis is necessary. Business processes need to be defined based on performance gaps identified and subsequently different organizational alternative can be developed and sized.

The implementation remains the biggest challenge. An inclusive approach needs to be taken for process and organizational redesign by the early involvement of employees to ensure understanding, acceptance and ownership. A new performance management framework must be implemented with top-down and bottom-up targets to reflect the new organization and measure its success.

The StepChange team can help in assessing your current organization, benchmark opportunities and performance gaps and define prerequisites for a successful change journey.

We have the experience to support the identification of capability gaps, prepare and conduct trainings and develop performance measurement systems, elements that are essential to the success of the change journey.